Remember "Stressed" is Just "Desserts" Spelled Backwards....Treat Yourself!

Experience the Flavors of Italy

Ciao! Welcome to our Italian Café where you can experience our authentic “Flavors of Italy.” Relax as you listen to Italian music and indulge yourself with our award winning delicious gelato or refreshing Italian ice. And satisfy your hunger with our famous Paninis and a selection from our soup and salad menu. Complete your visit by enjoying Italian coffees, Italian sodas and more. Grazie!

What is Gelato?

Gelato is a creamy, frozen dessert that combines centuries of Italian artistry and culinary genius. Anyone that has tasted authentic Gelato will tell you that is one of life’s true pleasures. “Gelato” translates to “frozen” in Italian, but has become the Italian word for ice cream. Gelato has three major differences from American ice cream, fat content, density and serving temperature.
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Our Healthy Mission

Our mission is to introduce consumers that have been accustomed to high fat, big portioned and bland tasting food and desserts to the true pleasures of low fat, reasonably portioned and highly flavorful naturally prepared Italian food and desserts. Great tasting does not have to be equated with bad for you! We invite you to come and experience the difference for yourself.